Park Jiyeon (1993) is a member of T-ARA (managed by Core Contents Media) which is an amazing girl group that produces, delivers, and performs unique concepts with catchy and vibrant songs. Jiyeon is also in a sub-unit called T-ARA N4. She is also known to be an actress, featuring in several CFs, music videos, and dramas. Despite the constant hardships that us QUEENS face for supporting Jiyeon, we will be there to support her until the end!
Anonymous: What do you think of the comments of soyul-mafia?

IN MY OPINION (does not reflect the opinion of the entire fyeah): I think his comments are a mix of truth (because some of the things said are true to an extent..) and personal opinion. He(?) comes off very strong about what he thinks, and even if I don’t agree with 100% of the things he says, he is still entitled to his opinion. Some of the things I just read (because I don’t really follow/know him…) come off feeling very biased, and I don’t think it’s in my place to say he’s wrong or right, because it’s his opinion I guess. Even if the things he(?) has said, has offended people… I think it’s best if you just try to ignore what he does or say. He’s entitled to his own opinion, and I guess we should respect that.. but in saying this, I think he should also try to respect other peoples opinions as well. All in all, I think his comments are ‘okay’, I guess he should just word them properly because this is the internet - people will read your text posts in a totally different way in what you may have intended. Other than that, (going further into the tumblr) I think he has a very closed assumption on certain fans, idk why but not all fans are as immature as he says they are… 



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Anonymous: are you still looking for admins? :D

Yep! We sure are! :D 

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